Single Leg Glute Lift

This move will work your core, back, abs, glutes and legs.You can use a dumb bell or a kettle bell, I prefer a kettle bell.One of my favorites….as you can REALLY feel your abs working hard to help stabilize you. Practice the move without weights until you feel comfortable.
  1. Start with your feet together and your arms hanging at your sides, holding your bell of choice in your hand.
  2. Start with bell in right hand. Lift your right leg 2 feet behind you, put your left arm out to your side to counterbalance.
  3. Hinge forward bring the weight toward the floor while lifting your right leg 90 degrees, parallel to the floor.
  4.  Return to starting point squeezing through your glutes to stand up.
  5.  Aim for 12 to 14 reps and then switch sides. Once it becomes easier add another set of 12 to 14 reps, with a minute of cardio/plyometrics in before switching sides.
  Before starting any exercise routine consult your doctor.
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