Crazy for Cocoa

Heard it before right? Chocolate/Cocoa is good for you. Most of us are under the impression the higher the percentage of cocoa in chocolate means we are getting greater health benefits. Studies say that cocoa flavanols is really where all those healthy benefits the body needs actually comes from. Cocoa flavanols are usually destroyed during any kind of normal chocolate processing.  So our chocolate sources may not be giving us all we really need. Leave it to Mars Incorporated, they have come up with a scientific and extremely tasty way to keep all those flavanols right where they need to be. Have to say, I am a huge fan. I was lucky to have some samples thrown my way (thanks S!) and I am hooked. I love to make smoothies & Greek yogurt is a staple, mixed with some fresh mint…an absolute delight for the taste buds. Can only be purchased online Read all about the health benefits, information and research provided on the website.  

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