Monday Mad For

The Side Windmill

Move Targets: Shoulders ~ Back ~ Abs

  • Use light weight to start ~ 3 to 8 pound dumb bells or kettle bell. If just starting this move, use very light weights (3 pounds) or no weight at all until you master the move. 
  • Start by standing with your feet slightly wider then your shoulders, keep left foot straight, toes point forward ~ turn right foot out/toes out point out to side (this adds an extra element).
  • Arms should be extended out to the side at shoulder height
  • Slowly bend (lean) your torso to the right side while bringing your right arm toward the ground while your left arm heads toward the sky (keep body straight, don’t lean back or forward) 
  • Arms stay straight/immobile as you lean to the side
  • Hold for 3 counts 
  • Slowly come back up calling upon your core muscles to lift you back into position. 
  • Repeat ~ 3 sets of 8 to 10 each side
  • Before starting an exercise program be sure to speak to your doctor. 

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