Sunday’s Snax

Seaweed & Sunday football for me please. I know what you are thinking…seems strange & sounds super gross to some of you. However, if you love sushi and eat seaweed salad such as I…..Then you HAVE to try these. Now there is a bit of an odd consistency, they are super thin and flaky, crumble in your mouth & in your hands if not careful. Terribly tasty! I am absolutely…happily hooked. The flavor I crave is spicy chipotle (pictured above) Need more reasons to eat this “super food” Loaded with vitamins seaweed decreases cholesterol levels, stabilize blood sugar, boost your immune system & assist with allergies. One serving of these superior snacks will set you back a whopping 16 calories, (oh no!)  Gluten Free, Trans Fat Free, Cholesterol Free, MSG Free, Sugar Free and super tasty!

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