With The Flow

Vinyasa Yoga has really become a favorite pastime. I try to incorporate vinyasa in about 3 to 4 times a week.  Just love how it really warms up the body and works all your muscle groups small and large. I chase the burn, the challenge of the constant movements & balance work. To really make my body work hard, I add ankle or wrist weights (now don’t do this unless you have mastered the movements) Keep in mind each day is different, one day you may have a better workout than the next. Strive for progress….

For me yoga is not about chanting, deep meditation or Oms (although maybe I need that) I have to be constantly moving & remain engaged in the workout. The whole calm & serene thing does not really work for me. So NOT a peaceful warrior…in downward dog I think how fast can I move into high plank…then into chaturanga (my fav!) The music helps to motivate & push me into each position. Just like to go with the flow, nice and fluid….nothing too fast, save that for cardio or circuit training. 

You will find below some slower music for warming up/cooling down…..Add extra abdominal work in at the end of each workout. Your abs will thank you. (add abs in before you cool down) attached are the links for your sampling pleasure, hope my playlist inspires you to get into your flow….

H’s Playlist

Hook the Captain & J-Punch: Temple

Emiliani Torrani ~ Suck Punch Soundrack: White Rabbit

Madonna: Sky Fits Heaven

Shiny Toy Guns: Major Tom

30 Seconds To Mars: Closer To The Edge

Coldplay: Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall

The Killers: Human

Mumford & Sons: Roll Away Your Stones

Tegan And Sara-The Con

Matthew Good: Weapon

Madonna: Frozen

Raidohead: House of Cards

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