Gift~Oh~Licious List #1

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! (right) You know the time of year… when you are left trying to figure out what gifts to get your girlfriends, bosses, boyfriend, friends, family…. I could keep going, the list is usually endless.  I am always prepared… of course this year the only thing I am shopping for is a place to call home & furniture. So let me share my list of goodies… I have something for everyone…naughty or nice! 

Gift~O~Licious List  $10.00 & Under

Stila ~ Fabulous in Fiji. Help take the winter woe is me out of her holiday with a feisty & fabulous color palette, perfect to help your bff get ready for her vacation get away. $10.00

 Han Solo Ice Cube Tray ~ How cool is that? I want Han Solo in my drink…. Did I mention it works with chocolate too, now that is a gift that keeps on giving. Yummy! $9.99

The perfect present for the crazy concert goer…. a great way to keep track and show bragging rights to those hard to get ticket affairs! Great coffee table art! $10.00

Tokyo Milk Sweet Cream ~ So tasty… your lips will beg for more. Had really good intentions to give as a gift, but I just could not stop myself from using it. Sinful on the lips, nothing shows up on your hips!  No need to wrap this beautiful box, little sparkles adorn the cupcake… just add a little bow and you are done! $10.00

Because being a kid is way more fun….. I would prefer to wear only the coolest band aids for my boo boo’s. Perfect for the perpetual kid in all of us & kids of course! $9.50

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