Gift~Oh~Licious List #2

So hope you are all doing better then I am with your holiday list this year. Although I am managing to get a lot of errands done, holiday shopping is just out of the question. (we had to move around the holidays..ugh) Our couch is coming this week & the bed frame, bureau, desk & about to order the stools for the bfast bar. I still have to work on getting my Christmas cards out! Check out list #2

Gift~Oh~Licious List  $25.00 & Under

I don’t know about you, Loved this movie! This saying was priceless. If your BF, sister or better half adores this movie, she will be beside herself when she gets to rock this tee! (just needs a great black blazer &  favorite jeans) $18.95

What could be better then an easy bake for brownies???….great hostess with the mostess gift! Perfect brownies every time, sign me up please! (not a bad idea for the ones who…eh em..can’t bake to save their lives) $19.99

I swear by Eco Tools, I can’t even imagine using anything else…this limited edition Kabuki brush set is a must have for any beauty junkie for just $14.99

There are so many guy friends that I have in mind right now… BBQ’s and beer games will never be the same…..(Linda, this one is for you! pass it on to Tami) $17.95

And the best for last…huge Wonder Woman fan & this just takes the cake! I am sure this fancy apron can be used other places then just the kitchen (winking) Make her feel like she is your wonder woman (because she is!) $22.00

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