Go Wide

Wide Push Up 

Works ~ The Lats ~ Chest ~ Shoulders ~ Core 

Why don’t more of us do push-ups? This is a question that haunts me…  not only is it free, no gym or large space required! You can do them anywhere… anytime! Say hello to one of the most effective and efficient moves to tone your upper back, chest, arms and are one heck of an amazing core workout.  Now I know most of you will say…   “look it’s too hard, or I can’t”…   At least try…  you can always do the modified version on your knees. This particular variation, the wide push-up will focus more on your lats, chest, shoulders and core as it is a different range of motion. To make sure you place your hands wide enough..  use a yoga mat as I have,  place your hands so your thumb just touches the outside of the mat. 

  • Start the move as shown above in the top of a plank position… however your wrists are not underneath your shoulders as they would be in a regular push-up, instead step the hands out wider. 
  • Important… BREATH and as you inhale, bend the elbows out to the sides while you lower your torso toward the floor. 
  • Then straighten your arms as you come back to the starting position.. counts as one rep.
  • Aim to 5 to 8 and work your way up to as many as you can with the proper form of course!
  • Before starting an exercise program see your doctor first and if there are any issues with shoulder or wrist pain or injuries, these may not be something you would want to attempt. 

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