Bat Wings Be Gone!

Triceps Extension 

You know what I am talking about … the jiggly stuff (skin) that flaps when we wave our arms, AKA “Bat Wings!” Summer is coming which means tank tops, short sleeves and bathing suits. There is no way to hide that unsightly area unless you want to wear long sleeve shirts all season. We can work hard and make the area tighter, firmer…  perhaps disappear!  Which sounds like a better plan to me don’t you think? This version of triceps extension with a medicine ball is a variation on traditional extensions just a little more fun. Use a 5 to 10 pound medicine ball. To make this move more challenging (and of course you want to challenge yourself more!) squat in pile position and do each rep. Now get busy banishing those bat wings!  

  1. Standing tall, chest out shoulders back feet together, you may also sit during this move.  Just remember to engage the abs, sit tall and do not pitch forward. 
  2. Holding a medicine ball in both hands extend the arms up, arms next to the ears keeping the shoulders pulled down.
  3. Now bend your elbows, lowering the ball behind your head until your elbows are at 90-degree angles keeping the elbows close to the ears do not let the arms bow outward. (see side view pic)
  4. Be sure to squeeze the triceps to straighten the arms, taking the ball back up to the first position. 
  5. Repeat for 1 to 4 sets of 10-16 reps.
  6. Before starting any workout to see your doctor first!
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