Say Yes to That Strapless Dress


90 Degree Chest Fly

TARGETS: Shoulders, Upper Back, & Chest 

  • Start by standing with one foot in front of the other about 6 inches apart, slight bend in the knee. You have two options with this move, you can stand or you can do alternating lunges which will make it harder (of course you want to be more efficient!) hold a pair of 5 to 8 pound dumbbells with your arms bent 90 degrees, elbows raised close to shoulder height. Slightly higher if you choose to do the progression – shoulder press.
  • Squeeze your chest and bring your elbows together in front of your body at shoulder height. Open them back to the start and repeat this move for 1 minute or you can do 3 to 4 sets of 12 reps.
  • To make this move even harder (oh yes you can take it another step) The progression…do a shoulder press than bring the elbows back to starting point, open to a fly and repeat. (first photo you can see elbows up higher to move into the press) 
  • Don’t be afraid to add the progressions I have mentioned above if your fitness level allows for it.  Each time you change your workout you confuse your muscles and they in turn will work harder torching calories and unwanted fat. 
  • Before starting any exercise routine see your doctor first! 


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