And I am

Back after a much-needed break. Moving to Cali, best thing we ever did…but it has been ridiculously hard to find the time to force my self to sit still and type.  I did not fall off the face of the earth, just fell hard in love with CA and spend every waking moment out and about. So let’s see what I have been up to since my last post….going to attempt to make this simple, short and sweet! (there is way more photos and too many stories!)

Trip to Mexico ……

Insanely beautiful warm welcoming water...
Insanely beautiful warm welcoming water…
Must have with fresh ceviche!
Must have with fresh ceviche!
Breath taking sunsets....
Sunset…full moon, takes your breath away
Sunset - With my love... adore this pic!
Sunset and my love…
Swimming with the sea Creatures  

Making our way around picturesque Cali….

Wrapped in a sweater of course.. NorCal gets chilly!
Wrapped in a sweater of course.. Nor Cal gets chilly!
Not water I suggest going into… but beach-in it always!
Carmel… makes me all warm and fuzzy inside
All those colors and undisturbed beach… (somebody throw me over the barbed wire fence!)
photo (46)
Starfish….I have a fascination with these beauties and luckily I know a hidden beach where I can find plenty of them!

Just a few more…

Takes me away to where I’m going… (my BF took us sailing on her boat)
Soaking up the sun
Wondrous view from the water...
Wondrous view from the water…
Sonoma Wine Tastings.. even on a cloudy day the view is amazing
Oh the bubbly...
Oh the bubbly…
That Bridge... you know the one.
That Bridge… you know the one.
I know..another beach pic, but that is West Coast living.
I know..another beach pic, but that is West Coast living.
This is me after a long week of making other people sweat! (even trainers need rest)
Somebody lost their teddy bear... (I just thought it was sad..face down in the city)  Maybe he was just taking a break from so many hugs??
Somebody lost their teddy bear… (face down in the city) I think he must have needed a break…to many hugs?? Maybe it is how he relaxes…
Cheering on my home town team...go Philly!
Cheering on my home-town team…go Philly!
Walking with my love...
See you soon…XOXO

Now in between all of the above was so much more, dancing with drag queens, seeking out purple sand beaches, hiking and trying not to fall off cliffs, almost stepping on a snake, tasting too many wines, eating scrumptious and savory foods, friends from far visiting, savvy shopping, Phillies games, Warriors games (have to support my new city somehow!) making people sweat and working my butt off…you get the picture. 

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One thought on “And I am

  1. Hi Heather, your photos are beautiful (we particularly like the Golden Gate one). Welcome back to blogging! Anne and Roger


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