S is for Smoothie….

 And that’s good enough for me

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Smoothies….sure they are a fad like everything but at least they can be a healthy fad. I drink them, I heart them! I have been doing my best work experimenting trying to come up with yummy ways to get everyone to get their veggies and fruit intake……. so this is my latest invention (at least I like to think it’s mine) kale, pineapple, mango, banana, mint and coconut water smoothie.  Get your attention yet? It’s super yummy don’t let the green slimy looking consistency or color scare you away.

I drink smoothies as a recovery drink after an intense workout, as a pick-me-up snack or sometimes with my bacon and eggs for breakfast (yes, I eat bacon) Let’s be honest you can really nourish your body with essential nutrients especially with a dark green smoothie. However…. you have to be careful and change out the vegetables/greens you use. If not careful and you overload on the same veggie or green leaf or you can get a buildup of alkaloids (compounds that cause mild & unpleasant symptoms like upset tummy, bloating and gas) Another one to worry about is Oxalates which are common in raw spinach and Swiss chard. Even though I know a lot about nutrition I am not a doctor or nutritionist so you can always talk to him or her with any questions (would be cool if i was a doctor huh.. huh?) Personal Trainer, Personal Stylist, Interior Stylist and then Doctor Heather …. ah one can dream. Anyway the recipe is as follows…

1 cup of Coconut Water (use the lowest sugar version)

3/4 cup of Kale (or a big handful who really measures anyway?) – make sure spines are out

1/4 cup of frozen mango

1/4 cup of Frozen pineapple

1/2 of large banana or one small banana

A couple of mint leaves

blend away

Enjoy! XOXO

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