N is for Nutella…

and that is good enough for everybody! unnamed (12)It’s Friday afternoon…2PM I get a craving for something sweet, especially after a cup of hot relaxing tea. As I sit comfy and cozy while finally getting to read a few of my favorite magazines (started that a few days ago forgetting I had to be somewhere) my stomach lets me know it needed a snack and my brain told me sugar and sweet. Behold the grilled Nutella and strawberry sandwich! Easy, healthy for the most part and super amazing tasty (that I promise). All you need is….

Your favorite bread

Sliced Strawberries


I slightly toast my bread in the pan first then spread on the Nutella and place the strawberries on the Nutella side of the bread. Place sandwich back in pan, Just an FYI I used no butter or cooking spray I like my bread crunchy and dry. Let bread toast for a minute or so on each side. Cut in half or shove the whole thing in just the way it is! Enjoy. XOXO

© photos and content belong to thefab3.com

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