Friday’s Essentials….


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It’s Friday, although my week was not that long as I just got back from Mexico.  I  feel like I can not catch up and I am so glad to be home. My decor was in need of some bright flower love. A quick trip to the flower market and a fast stop to grab Popular Science magazine… (yes I do read other things besides fashion, fitness and decor magazines) Although the world is stuck on a woman who shall remain nameless, let’s pretend its like saying the bad guys name from Harry Potter…. exciting stuff is happening and I will not be alive I am sure when we do make it to Mars but hey a girl can dream! Way more exciting than an airbrushed ass – don’t you think?  I have a bad feeling my flowers are not going to be long for this world (see above photo)

Jeans Stella AG Jeans ~ (my go to jeans) 2ply Cashmere Sweater Max Studio ~ Shoes Steve Madden ~ Cat Eye Sunglasses Gucci ~ The Wallet is Kate Spade ~ My turquoise ring, no did not forget! My other cat knocked it off a second before I snapped the photo! Anyone want cat??? 😉

Have a wonderful weekend! XOXO

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3 thoughts on “Friday’s Essentials….

  1. I wanted to comment about your shoes and that amazing cat! see that i am not the only one here who saw them! Love them, a little more the cat as I love cats, but also the shoes as they are also feline! 🙂

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