Cold, Cozy Day

Calls for a warm blanket, coffeeunnamed (28)

unnamed (27)my cats & my fuzzy slippers. Catching up on some light reading, hoping to become a master chef by Thanksgiving (let you know how that goes) Yes! the perfect way to spend a rainy cold Wednesday. Unfortunately I can not stay this way all day (wouldn’t that be dreamy?)  I have three clients in a row to train this afternoon and I am sure they do not want me to teach them while in my deer leggings and fuzzy slippers…. although it would make for a very comical youtube video I am sure!

Have a great hump day! XOXO

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9 thoughts on “Cold, Cozy Day

  1. Lovely post! makes me want to climb into bed and snuggle with my blanket (can’t have pets in college) and read a nice book. What book are you reading? 🙂

    ❤ Love, Thays ❤


    1. Hello Thays!

      It’s going to be hard to get moving but I have work to do! when its dark and damp, cozening up is the best medicine. I am reading a cook book by Dominique Ansel called The Secret Recipes!


    1. It has been a wonderful rainy fall day here and I am lucky enough that today all my clients were my east coast clients over face time, so i did not have to drive, I was spoiled today by getting to cuddly with my fur balls!



    1. Hello Asa!

      Thank you, they are made by Kensie Girl, I did get them last year I am afraid from tjmaxx! Sometimes you get lucky and they put things out again – keep an eye out!


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      1. Thanks for the quick response Heather. I appreciate. I love Kensie. I can’t believe you found at Tjmaxx. What a good find. I just checked out and they have some cute Kensie pajamas on their site. I will have to keep an eye out for some holiday ones. They might do something similar this year. Thanks for the tip.

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