Weekend Bits


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This hat is really getting good use, it has been raining for three days straight now in Cali, great for the drought, terrible for my hair (hello frizz and flat) not to mention my wellies are getting a run for their money!

Feeling a little less colorful these past couple days… a little more black and white if you will …also I was challenged on Instagram to do five days of black and white photos, the timing could not be more perfect.  The morning started off with delightful breakfast treats (healthy vegan cookies & Greek yogurt) while watching the rain soak a sweet couple walking their puppy… Than I proceeded to get soaked myself while cutting a fresh branch off of my Camilla tree (for the lovely scene above)

Have a beautiful weekend! XOXO

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9 thoughts on “Weekend Bits

  1. Oh, please don’t fell bad about the weather, In Paris there are 7 degrees. 🙂
    I love the white sweater! Gorgeous! And the rigs, actually the rings, where did you get them?

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    1. Oh Paris! One day I will get there! Thank you the sweater is believe it or not Forever21, white fuzzy off the shoulder and warm. The X ring was a tjmaxx find after I had ordered one of Etsy and my love stepped on it and crushed it! Thankfully I found a better replacement. Forgot about the other ring the one I am wearing holding my coffee.. that was a gift from my Mother. It is stainless steel, one of my favorites.

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      1. Have to visit Forever 21! Please consider visiting Paris in the summer! 🙂 and let me know when you will come, I would love to show you around!

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    1. Yes we call them beanies! This one is from ASOS.com – I have one too many beanies actually, but they come in handy for bad hair days and it gets cold in California!


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