Cool Mornings

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 hot coffee, good reads, cozy surroundings and something snuggly to wrap yourself in. Black Friday is here, I commend you if you are out in the madness. Not I,  this is my idea of a good day off (and much safer) If you were like me and overindulged in a little too much spirits last night with loved ones, then lounging about & recovering is a way better idea! (more water, more coffee please)

Not to mention I would rather get my cardio running outside jumping over rocks and fallen trees not weaving in and out of people, fighting for a toy or a cashmere scarf, I prefer my obliques being sore from planks… not from being elbowed in the side by crazy shoppers.  Hey, I love to shop with the best of them but is it really worth it? to quote a line from one of my favorite movies  “after all tomorrow is another day”


Little update, thank you to Aerie, for putting me on their website under Show Off Your Real!

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7 thoughts on “Cool Mornings

    1. ah, its so nice Camilla, but I will be moving around soon and removing myself out of the comfy clothes and getting into workout gear. The bralette is from Aerie.. I keep ordering it other colors (love them)… go up a size though, they run small.

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        1. Camilla, Aerie, liked my post and Instagram Photo, they put me on their font page, well for now anyway.. Under Show Us your Real.. look for my pic! So fun, it just made me smile, I had to share!

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