Get Sparkly

unnamed (4)unnamed (5) unnamed (6) unnamed (7)I have slightly started decorating for the holidays. Things have been on hold for me with the news of my beautiful cousin, I have not been in the most festive mood. Every year I choose a different decor, could be red, silver and gold, gold or just silver. I am sure you can tell I really love muted tones and clean lines. I went a little on the more modern side this year with all black, white, silver and a little pops of teal. I must say I think it is rather divine and turning out quite cozy.

I adore sparkle and shine, (load up on sparkly balls) love the reflection and light that glass, silver and metal bounce around the room.  No tree this year, last year I had two Norwegian Pines that were just lovely… now they are outside in my backyard enjoying their freedom. Lights will find their way into metal baskets, fresh pine in glass vases and champagne glasses….a few more holiday wrapped packages and hopefully way more cheer.


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