Where The Joy

Is @… unnamedunnamed (10)unnamed (12)Flash back to Friday and my love’s holiday cocktail party… we all know playing dress up is a blast when you are a girl. At first when I heard the party plans & where it was being held (San Francisco Art & Design Center) I was so excited! but then Friday came and I was not really in the mood to be honest. I had not see my better half in almost two weeks and I would of been so happy to cuddle on the couch, eat popcorn and sip wine.

Once I slipped (squeezed I should say) into my Halston Heritage dress (celebrated his return with a little too much food and champagne) I felt a little more like being seen, mingling & dancing.  To really feel the holiday joy, we put on Christmas music and as I turned on the lights (which those lights have 20 different blinking settings) I just wanted them to stay on and not blink as blinking drives me nuts, makes for a bit of a headache and crazy eyes……He snapped a few photos, so in good fun here I am untangling and searching for the stupid switch.


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8 thoughts on “Where The Joy

    1. Thank you! That is from my vintage collection of designer bags, the best part is that very beautiful and rare, real bag was being sold a thrift store for $10.00 – it was the best day ever!

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    1. Thank you so much Halston Heritage instead of $400.00 it was $70.00 .. gotta love Amazon, a little trick I use, I look for a dress i really want, head to Amazon, they always have it for less, my last Halston was from Amazon, silk and actually less then this dress. Rent the runway had the same dress for rent for $100.00 I paid $50.00. And I am a huge Halston fan!


  1. Love your dress! And yes I get headaches too from blinking lights! But is’t the season to be jolly! 🙂


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