Come in From the Cold

unnamed (18)unnamed (20)unnamed (19)Here we go again…the rain, oh that friggin rain! Except this time its a pretty terrible storm. Six to nine inches of rain, insane crazy winds from thirty to seventy miles per hour depending which part of California you live in. Oh hello winter! You might have snow days on the East Coast, in Cali… we call it a rain day. Cancelled all my training appointments that were private in home and face time training only (just a little safer!)

The morning started out with a client early AM,  able to climb back into bed with my kitties and cozy up. Tried to read my magazine which is nearly impossible with a twelve pound fur ball holding it down, not to mention I feel guilty ignoring her.  Moving onto this afternoon, just a little while ago….poured some Champagne pulled out the snacks & sat down with my favorite cozy scarf on my lap  (biggest scarf I have ever owned) and I am going to attempt to read my Cali Style magazine yet again! (no cat this time) Knock on the door, Fed Ex… my Christmas Cards have come! At least I will get something accomplished today.


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