Oh What Fun

It is to decorate someone else’s home for a holiday party!

unnamed (36)

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unnamed (23)A little glitter and glow with a few simple holiday touches to add comfort & joy. I have the best clients, for not only did I decorate this entire loft when they moved in (the photos are just of the living & dinning space) I was asked back to decorate with just a few holiday touches for a small dinner party (hence the empty serving dishes which will be filled with goodies) The lovely family whose home I decorated today will be leaving for the holidays so no tree was needed nor lots of holiday fluff.

In this modern cozy loft every last detail you see I picked out and placed about the room, each piece of furniture down to littlest vase. The homeowner is a great artist (she will read this and give me an eye roll or tell me to hush) so her wall art is one of a kind, with a few pieces I made or had made for the Mr. & Mrs…… might be a little hard to see with the light bouncing around , afraid my iPhone photos does not do this room justice. I used sparkling silver ornaments and glass cylinders to add that soft holiday glow…accenting with ornaments in shades of teal and blue (a color used through out their home) Large and small silver snowflakes add a whimsical touch for all to enjoy, I  hung a few small snowflakes in their daughters room, I wish I could see her little eyes light up when she notices them!

White serving bowls/dishes only, for food always looks best on white (there is a reason restaurants use white) Cut pine fills vases and along with scented candles the freshness makes you feel as if you are surrounded by pine trees.  I love what I do, styling people & rooms, an entire home, changing people’s lives getting them healthy & fit…not bragging here because I don’t have fifty clients but more than a few, they keep me busy and happy all year through!


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15 thoughts on “Oh What Fun

  1. your perfect! decorator, sunset chaser, and absolutely beautiful! ❤ It is always so nice to sit down with my cozy blanket and read your lovely blog. My mother has always been in love with decorating. When I lived in China, lots of her friends would ask her to help them out with their home. You did such an amazing job! the place looks wonderful, both chic and cozy.

    ❤ Love, Thays ❤


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    1. Thays,

      your are so incredibly sweet, thank you so much for your wonderful comments, I am humbled. It is always so nice to know that someone appreciates your art and hard work. So you get your creativity passed on from your Mom, I think that is awesome! I am always happy to read your posts as well, and you are also quite the photographer!


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  2. Thank you Melisa! Thank you so much! So happy you like it! Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to check it out! stop by again soon! seems we have a love for fashion as well and vintage.


  3. The pictures are fabulous and so is all the decor! (Home & christmas). So sutle but chic and the green is so fresh and adds color. Such an amazing job!


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