A Little Glitz & Grunge

unnamed (14)

unnamed (13)

unnamed (11)

unnamed (6)Hello Friday! hello holiday parties & hello what to wear?

This year we were invited to seven different holiday parties (no, I am not bragging, or complaining….well maybe complaining a little) we ended up RSVP-ing  “we can not make it” to most. Life gets in the way of course, other parties, birthdays, work obligations or sometimes the thought of driving, searching for parking in the rain just makes you go…Um,  that’s a negative no matter how much of a party mood you are in.

Find yourself wondering what am I going to wear? its cold.. I want to look smashing but not too overdressed…. Me, well.. I head right for a little glitz & a little grunge. I love mixing neutral tones together – a charming fuzzy sweater, dazzling adornments & glam booties paired with well distressed torn jeans creates the perfect cozy cool look.

Nothing I am wearing is too expensive for that is silly to me, fashion should not cost you and arm and a leg, perhaps a few fingers (AG jeans were the most expensive item & those were a steal on sale) I am one hell of a frugal fashionista in case you were wondering. Want to know where it is all from? Drop me a note, I would be happy to share.  Oh and we have an ugly sweater party coming up – we thought we might miss it, but we are available & I can’t wait…I can share those pics of course!


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25 thoughts on “A Little Glitz & Grunge

    1. Thank you Diana! Nice to meet you and glad you liked this post. The sweater is from H&M I bought it a while ago, not sure if they will still have it, but check the stores and not just online. Have a wonderful day!



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