Go Jump in The Lake?

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Well, not really a good idea now since the lake temperature is about 40 Degrees (ugh, too cold) My favorite guy and I took a few days off to UN wind and freeze our butts off. Seems like a strange idea huh? Leave sunny warm California where last week we hiked in Big Sur and it was 77 degrees for cold (25 degrees at night) sometimes foggy/sunny and sadly snow less Tahoe.

Sure we would have loved to see more snow on the mountain. Snowboarders and skiers I just felt really bad for…. just not enough snow to go around and Tahoe folks need snow because their beautiful lake is at a record low for water. Mother nature seriously needs to stop being so damn stingy.  If you have never been to Tahoe, put it on your must-do list. The water is the most beautiful shades of blue you will ever see. Looks like the Caribbean, but do not be deceived by all that beckoning beauty, you will freeze instantly (or at least I would) The mountains and the sunsets are to faint for (sighs) I am afraid my iPhone photos may not do the scenery justice. So hopefully you enjoy these few photos from our trip and I am some more will end up on Instagram. Enjoy your Sunday everyone!


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11 thoughts on “Go Jump in The Lake?

    1. I love that you talk a lot, I never keep my lips closed either! Your so sweet! I hope you enjoy your time in Cali! I am not sure if you are a nature buff, but if you are there are so many beautiful places to see!



  1. Such beautiful and breatthaking shots of the lake, I can just imagine being there in person! Tahoe has always been at the top of my list of places to visit, I must make it happen soon


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