Pink Please

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“Screw the 14th, I love him everyday”

 I do love this month for all the vibrant colors, especially the pinks and that ravishing red, Oh, and all that phony love that gets thrown around.  I tend to think that Valentines Day is for children and our best girlfriends, of course its fun to do sweet things for each other. Otherwise I call this day a Hallmark holiday. For some this day may have real meaning and good for you…that is super sweet, but I expect to be loved all year-long (and I am..thank goodness)

 A wrap up of my crazy week, tulips and coffee in my newly re-lined Louis Vuitton vintage bucket bag (bad idea I know). Raspberry macaroons, a lovely gift from a client and as you can see waiting to eat them was not in the cards for me.  The sun shines bright today and the weather is will be close to 75 degrees.  I am loving the light pouring in our tiny home this morning, as I lounge around in my favorite lace Aerie bralette… to all of you, have a super sweet weekend.


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