The Alleyways

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I definitely lost myself in these alleyways. San Francisco, (love my city) the Mission District  which is home to these amazing art alleyways  (all throughout the Mission) Balmy and Clarion Alley are the most popular with unique stories to tell.  CAMP was inspired by Balmy alley and at the time two of the founders were living in Clarion alley.

 There is only a few photos of myself as I was so focused on the art that day (what was I thinking?) & I am already on top of the newest trends according to Vogue with my sophisticated boot cut jeans (Hudson). Anyway, don’t focus on me… just the amazing art! Please note yourself: I had on open toe heels which you can’t see in my photo..  open toe shoes and dirty alleyways not a good mix (ick) I stepped on a chicken bone & all kinds of other things I don’t want to share… but don’t let that stop you,  If you make it to the city it’s a must see! Big thanks to my best friend for taking awesome photos of me!


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14 thoughts on “The Alleyways

    1. Hi Danika,

      I think its a good thing to feel like a tourist, you appreciate everything so much more! Your blog is awesome by the way!



  1. I love those murals, they’re beautiful! Some really strong messages in some 🙂 I really want to go to San Francisco and i’m putting on my bucket list and i’m starting to save.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂
    P.s I love the new site look! It’s awesome and suits you really well

    Lauren | LB Designs


    1. Hey Lauren,

      You will love it here, its just so different and amazing. Thank you so much, I am really just a clean modern line kind of gal and this one did the trick, I am still have to do a few little tweaks, just too busy 😦


      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Kay!

      Thank you so much! The art is amazing here, this is just a few, so much more to see and share. You are always so sweet. I love your blog and it’s beauty.



    1. Mel,

      You are the sweetest… I was really not intending that day to wear an awesome outfit and take fashion shots…But I somehow pulled off the 70’s vibe. LOL


      Liked by 1 person

  2. This wall art is amazing!! I didn’t get the chance to see those while I was there but when I come back I definitely need to go! You of course look fantastic in all these pictures 🙂
    I might be completely wrong but did you change your blog layout? If so (or even if not) love the layout 🙂

    Hope you’re having a lovely Wednesday 🙂



    1. Camilla,

      Thank you, I was not prepared for a fashion shoot, the 70’s vibe I pulled off and so glad to see all the fashion houses are going with it and I was already on trend.. ha ha! I did change it, I do that every so often, not done with it yet just too busy! There is so much more art alleys to see when you come back you have to spend more time in the Mission



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