Steep Ravine

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As Sunset magazine stated “perched on the edge of the world, overlooking the Pacific” Steep Ravine is all about location, bare bones and pure beauty. I am already spoiled living in California, but a client wanted to thank me for helping her shed weight and become stronger so this is the way she thanked me with an incredible stay at this amazing place, thus spoiling me even more! What do you do while here?? Well my love and I enjoyed watching the whales, dolphins, waves, sunsets,  almost falling over rocks down to the beach (oh, wait.. that was just me) Hiking, you have about 6,300 acres of surrounding redwood groves to frolic in.

These few photos were all taken with my phone (will post a few more on Instagram) hope you enjoy them as much I enjoyed this beautiful place and to my fellow fashionistas don’t even worry about what you are wearing or what you look like…. for here you will always be second because Mother Nature always has the best outfit!


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13 thoughts on “Steep Ravine

  1. wow, super photos. wish i were there! or somewhere with water and sun! am I asking too much ? 🙂


      1. just for a few days, it will be raining again in no time! but enjoying the sun while I can! 🙂


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