A Really Great Dress

unnamed (28)

unnamed (27)

unnamed (32)

 The occasion? Oh nothing, it’s just Wednesday

Spent the morning happily rummaging through my recent purchases and this dress although a little ris·qué was begging for a trial run.  Am I the only one who likes to play dress up with nowhere to go?

Dress – Dailylook ~ Shoes – Nine West


© photos and content belong to thefab3.com

30 thoughts on “A Really Great Dress

    1. Right!! I think I should do it all the time because as a personal trainer I am always in sports wear (its cute sportswear) but I need more dresses in my life!


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    1. We are never too old for dress up, I wish I had someone to make suffer while I play dress up, i guess it will have to be my readers! LOL and my instagram followers… I adore you blog btw! Thank you for taking the time to comment

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      1. Hey Heather. I totally understand. I’m finding it hard to keep up on everyone’s blogs too. You’re so sweet and I appreciate your thoughtfulness. Hope all is well.


    1. Thank you so much, I am the same way, I go toward black and grey, not sure if that is the East Coaster in me, but I know black goes flat in pictures so I never wear it to weddings or out for an evening.. is that weird? Thanks for leaving such a sweet comment!

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