Gilded Cages

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Maybe it is the whole mythology behind these shoes, the romance & ruggedness. What girl does not want to look like Greek Goddess? I can’t say I was sad when these versatile shoes ended up all over the spring runways again. This year I had to have the knee-high gladiator sandal & these Steve Madden leather beauties were just what this girl needed. (Don’t worry… I have something on under that shirt in case you were wondering!)


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42 thoughts on “Gilded Cages

  1. It’s interesting but I haven’t seen many people pull off the gladiator sandal look this well.
    It’s something I’m on the fence about but you make it look easy.
    Effortless, as usual 🙂


  2. Love this and those shoes! Honestly though what girl wouldn’t want to look like a greek goddess? I sure would 🙂 Beautiful


      1. I fear those shoes will look silly on a 5 foot nothing chick like myself! But maybe I will dare one day



    1. Hey Camilla,

      You so kind to me! Thank you I really wanted to do something different. I Want to remember myself when I am old and hideous like this.. LOL! I am sure you will have a few in every color, and with those long legs look super amaze in them!



  3. I love your choice to do this shoot in black & white!I’m all about being a Greek goddess. Beautiful shoes and picture! xo- Danielle


  4. Heather you pull these off like Gisele would, your legs are in such amazing shape, definitely inspired to go for a run tomorrow. xo Happy Easter!


    1. Chloe,

      Your so sweet! I appreciate that comment so much, makes me feel like a mini version of her. I hope you went for your run! I also hope your Easter was as amazing and sweet as you are!



      1. ❤ You are the prettiest and just as sweet ❤ I wouldn't ever take them off. They are so lovely. Have a great day friend.

        btw, it's really incredible how much your blog has grown and it's really wonderful to see your success. Keep being you!


          1. Of course dear! You are such a wonderful person and I am truly grateful to have met you in this big blogging world. You are absolutely beautiful both inside and out and I know that you will have a lifetime full of happiness and love.

            Have a lovely day!


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