The Palace

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unnamed (12)

unnamed (7)

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 of Fine Arts

San Francisco is full of beautiful hidden treasures… this one is not so much hidden as you can see it  very clearly from the street in the Marina. You wonder if you left City of San Francisco by stepping through some crazy ass time loop and ended up in Italy or Rome, or Greece (or is that just what this silly blond thought?) Anyway, it was a beautiful day in the city and my BFF is the best tour guide a California girl can have of her own city. So If you come to San Francisco put this one on your list, you will not be disappointed. This was not a day of taking pictures of my fabulous outfit it just so happens I usually look pretty damn cool (wink, wink..) I can’t help but only focus on the amazing art when I am somewhere this incredibly beautiful. The pictures are from my iPhone with light distortion but to me that is what makes them even more magical. The last two shots above are from the hangar and as you can see I was having a blast with my bestie and that beautiful aqua door..seriously though I wanted to see what was behind there!


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7 thoughts on “The Palace

  1. The architecture is beautiful! It seriously looks like you went on a day trip to Greece or Rome. I love that door and secretly I want to know whats behind there to 😉 oo our curious minds.

    Lauren | LB Designs


    1. It’s so crazy and in San Francisco.. it is like someone just dropped it off there, the details on it are so beautiful. It’s weird there is this super old amazing structure and then the new building that houses all the old findings has this amazing door.


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      1. I love that, and I can’t wait to visit there one day 🙂 It’s definitely another place on my bucket list



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