Sheets to the Streets


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If only we could roll out of bed in our PJ’s throw on heels and be instantly glamorous… Well, thanks to the sleepwear-inspired trend you can do just that.  Maybe getting out of bed is now a little easier? For this trend I recommend sticking to the smoking jackets (above) Kimonos and satin shorts. Some of the pieces I have seen are a little too shapeless or risqué, now if you do end up with the wrong pieces you could always just sleep in them!


Jacket – HM – Shoes – Isola – Shorts – Forever21 – Sunglasses -Tahari

If you did not know already H&M is working to create a more sustainable fashion future. Recycling and reusing old garments, you can leave your old garments at the store and they will give you 15% off your purchase. This jacket above is a conscious jacket, made from recycled materials. How cool is that?

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19 thoughts on “Sheets to the Streets

  1. Beautiful as always and I’m not sure about this trend just yet but you make it look easy!

    Lauren | LB Designs


    1. OH Kay! your too kind as always! I am late catching up on my blog and yours! … how do people do this all day long and keep up with life? I hate missing things…


      Liked by 1 person

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