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Denim that is…

Finally Friday, relaxing,  comfy in my favorite jean shorts, very big, not-so-warm sweater.. and cozy boots (not pictured) I bought these beautiful roses because they matched my nails today… yes, I have issues. My love will buy me flowers but there are some things I really enjoy doing for myself. Anyone else love to buy themselves flowers? I love buying them for my girlfriends too!

One of my clients this morning asked me about confidence and how/why do I have so much of it.  So here is my little list. Maybe you will agree, maybe not. First off; I like to work and make my own money. It is so important to know what it is like to work for your belongings, the roof over your head, food, etc. I feel if everything is handed to you, you are missing a big piece of the confidence chip. What do you have to be proud of? Self worth knowing you accomplished something, even if its buying those plastic Chanel sunglasses for $450.00 (eek, plastic.. maybe think twice about that) but if you worked for it, you have the right to be proud of whatever you decide to blow your money on.

  Second; I don’t take my self seriously. Fun, laughter is so important. If you can’t make fun of yourself ( I mean, come on!) stuffy or what we consider “snobby” women and men are not fun and have arrogance NOT confidence. Last as I have stated before… there will always be someone prettier, funnier, richer, better, faster, smarter (I can keep going) than me. I never think twice about that. I don’t know jealousy and I am so thankful!  If I bumped into Giselle Bundchen tomorrow I would proudly stand next to her! Of course pick her brain on her beauty rituals (who wouldn’t) Oh and take a bunch of selfies with her!  I know how amazing I am, how wonderful my life is, how blessed I am. I feel beautiful, I do things that remind me I am beautiful. I don’t rely on others to make me feel that way.  I hope as a personal trainer & stylist I can instill this in strangers, friends, family and my clients. I so hope I rub off a little on everyone… because I wish for all women (and men) to feel confident and beautiful.


 Sweater – Gilly Hicks- Shorts- Bandits by One Teaspoon Denim

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12 thoughts on “Destroyed

  1. I love your confidence Heather and you’re workin those shorts! You’re gorgeous. I am not the most confident person. I like how you said you don’t rely on others to make you feel beautiful. I need to apply that to life in general, and not expect others to build me up.


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