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If you follow me, you know I am a certified personal trainer and hopefully you have read my Get Fit List . If this is your first time reading my blog I have my own business training clients privately in home and over Face Time.  You will see I like to share my tips on being active and healthy.  I have this plan to add more fitness and health content soon – photos and videos to Instagram ( _thefab3 ) on my web site and maybe even take over YouTube! 😉

I figured it would fun to review workout wear as It is my daily uniform. Being in style while I train or teach a class is a must!  I firmly believe that if you look good.. you feel good & you do better, period. It is my job to motivate my clients so I show up always with a smile and in style.. like that rhyme there?

Let’s discuss Zella, the workout pants I am wearing above,  Zella is Nordstrom’s brand of active wear less expensive than LuLulemon and thank goodness for that!  Zella uses this high tech fabric called leveraging zelstretch, a lightweight, technically advanced four-way stretch fabric. Supposed to be designed to prevent moisture-wicking & a fast dry to keep you comfortable during the sweatiest of your workouts. I can attest to this as I do quite a number working out on myself and my clients.

I am more of a Zella fan than LuLu (oh & I know the founder of Zella worked at LuLu) There are a number of reasons Zella is my number one besides the price point. Huge fan of the reversible pants Zella offers.  I can say I never ever have to worry about bending over & everyone sees my goodies. I run in them constantly and I run anywhere from 3 to 8 miles a day and can’t imagine wearing anything else. Not too mention you get two pairs of pants for the price of one, or at least it feels that way since you can reverse them. I should mention not this particular pair I am wearing. The other reason… I tried on some gear the other day at LuLu and did the bend over test.. (yes they were supposed to fix that issue) I even showed the girls at the store, you could see my pink Victoria’s Secrets that were no longer a secret… you could see them clear as day. Nope…not making it up you guys! I am still giving LuLu a try and let me state not all of the pants were see through. The pair I did buy so far are passing my tests… let you know what I think later.

Now A Fitness Tip

 I talked a little about change in your routine on Instagram so I want to talk about it here. I love to run… but like every other exercise your body gets used to it. To stop boredom from setting in and the dreaded plateau from happening…you can find me doing this in middle of my runs: leaping, jumping, lounging, side & front skips, high knee drills and everyone’s favorites push-ups. Now you might think hey I am going to look super silly (check out my Instagram photos!) but doing about 10 to 15 sets of each exercise in your routine might just give your body that extra boost it was looking for! Not too mention you might become faster and more efficient at running. What do you guys do to shake up your runs? And who is your favorite Zella or LuLu?

Workout Capris – Zella

Top – Alternative (similar to my top)

Sneakers – Nike Reax Run

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XO.. H

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