These ruffled tiers? am I right.. I know! I am SO smitten with this sweater…. It is not the one I had my heart set on but let’s face it not all of us, or many of us can afford the insane designer prices on the clothes we so adore. Like for instance….I adore and mouth water drool over Holt Renfrew’s tiered bell sleeve sweater (look it up you will see) Well, this amazing sweater eased the pain of not being able to have it. Thank you Storets  for $62.00! For all of those who follow me and even those who just stop on by… I am now on Liketoknowit. I have to figure out how to get in on my blog.. and all in due time, but for now you can shop my looks @ Instagram  _thefab3 is my handle

I wanted to take a second to thank all of my followers especially on Instagram. They send me emails, leave me the best direct messages and often make me giggle and always smile. My favorite messages so far have been thank you for being so down to earth, chic and so effortlessly stylish… then there was the few thank you for not putting a Chanel handbag in every photo. To that my fun and amazing followers (since I just do not have the time to say thank you all the time individually) You are all welcome. I will keep doing my best to be real, be sensible and just be me and you keep sending me awesome messages!



Stop by, say hi @_thefab3 on Instagram and see what else I am up too!

XO.. H

© photos and content belong to thefab3.com

6 thoughts on “Tiered

  1. Seriously though, how do you make everything looks so effortless. Gorgeous! You pull it off with such style I tell ya.

    Thank you for always being so inspiring and insanely down to earth, kind & generous 🙂

    Lauren Baxter | Lovely Decor


  2. You are simply the best Heather!! Honestly, Thank you for having such a unique sense of style and personality. It is SO refreshing to do that you just do your own thing and you always manage to keep it real. Leaving us messages and always caring about us!! I truly adore you and find you so so so inspiring! ❤ ❤



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