Prom Skirt

The prom skirt, not what you think it would be when you hear the word prom huh? It is funny I received a few notes and emails from some lovely ladies after I posted a photo Instagram. “How did you know this would look good?” …. “what else can you wear it with?” ….”but its dressy and it looks so cool not dressy!”

This skirt can go with almost anything… since I bought it in two colors, you will most likely see me styling it a different way. Yes, I bought it in two colors… if you love something buy more than one of it always. (if you have the means of course, remember eating is way more important) I did purchase this skirt to put with a bodysuit or a crop sparkly sweater, perhaps a lace crop blouse for cocktails parties, but… that does not mean I will only wear it that way. I see a denim shirt, a leather jacket and a torn tee, a flannel or a big sweater paired with it… I can keep going but it might be more fun to show you.

You can shop the entire look (copy and paste link) & sign up to shop my most of my looks @


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XO.. H

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2 thoughts on “Prom Skirt

  1. I never would have thought to pair that t-shirt with that skirt but it looks amazing!! Beautiful photos!!


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