Something about a big over-sized sweater that takes you to a warm and cozy place,  there is a sense of relaxation, happiness and being plan old comfortable… like if you eat that 3rd piece of pizza no one will ever know, but seriously don’t eat three slices of pizza unless you de-greased it and its loaded with veggies and you just ran 6 miles (sorry that is the personal trainer speaking) Back to the sweater, I love form-fitting clothing but I can’t help but wrap myself up in a fuzzy I can fit another person in there knit. This sailor sweater in brown is my new favorite staple.

This entire outfit is from lamoda101 everything but the bag and sunnies are from this amazing store and I am completely swooning over their entire stock of minimal chic clothes…. check them out!

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XO.. H

© photos and content belong to thefab3.com

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