Trenched in Pink



Fell in love with this simple pink trench from H&M. My world is usually black, white and grey but I have a soft spot for pink…..this shade is everything. I always think less is more and mixing ladylike pieces with a torn and distressed is best.  Of course I had to pair it with shiny Adidas…it is not that this girl does not love a pair of high heels. I have had a few direct messages on Instagram asking me if I ever wear them.. which makes me giggle. It’s just they are not practical, if you sit around all day of course they are… this girl however is always on the move and nope I won’t buy a pair of shoes just to post a photo!


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3 thoughts on “Trenched in Pink

  1. beautiful!! i love your shorts and tank ❤
    instagram: the_ch1ara


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