Whatcha Got In

Your Bag? 

Seems like a rather personal question.  However I do not mind sharing. You would be surprised at what can turn up in persons bag.  I am afraid my bag is a bit boring this month but none the less let’s see what is in there….  

  • Bag ~ Big Buddah Green Tote ~ adore Big Buddah bags, they are huge… you can put a person in them, I often lose stuff!
  • Light Rose Scarf ~ Forever21 ~ Color of the season
  • Silver Cuff Bracelet ~ A gift from my Mom N Law (my favorite arm candy)
  • Cat Eye Tortoise Sunglasses ~ Urban Outfitters (have a few pairs of Tortoise sunglasses, I just love the design)
  • Pottery Barn Catalog & Gift Cards that are burning a hole in my purse! (trying to decide what to buy!)
  • Cream Finger Less Convertible Gloves ~ It is cold here in CA in the mornings! 
  • Club BevMo Card ~ The ultimate beverage store, this card is important in CA.
  • Stila ~ tis the season to dazzle palette (awesome colors)
  • Versace ~ Bright Crystal Sample ~ Smells Heavenly
  • Ice Breakers Frost Mints ~ Fresh Breath is important (never know who you are gonna meet… or kiss for that matter)
  • Korres Quercetin & Oak Sample ~ great for tired skin
  • Caudalie Pulpe Vitaminee Eye and Lip Cream
  • Butter London ~ Fairy Lights ~ such a fantastic spring color! 
  • Yogi Dandelion Tea ~ great detox tea!
  • Lip Fusion Infatuation in Angelic ~ For luscious lips 
  • Aquaphor ~ best moisturizer ever use for everything!
  • Calcium Chews ~ Need your calcium ladies!
  • My business cards
  • TLC Kashi Bar Mocha Almond ~ cause I am ALWAYS hungry!
  • Some Kind of Gorgeous Benefit Sample ~ still deciding if I like it, get back to me on that one. 
  • CPR Card 
  • Burt’s Bees Red Dahlia Lip Balm 
  • Loose Change 
  • Fekkai Winter Hair Weightless Mist ~ Say goodbye to static hair… adore this spray  works wonderfully & it smells amazing.
  • iPod 
  • Rombauer Winery Pen ~ cause I take pens… hide them from me seriously. 
  • G2 Phone 
  • Coral Vintage Inspired Wallet ~ Love Love, often times I use it as a clutch as it is big enough to hold my phone. Found it in Ross hiding on a shelf, sometimes you just have to dig for the good stuff! 
Phew, that is it for this month… Whatcha got in your bag? 

Instantly Plump

I will walk out the door sans a stitch of makeup as long as my hair looks amazing, so needless to say I have…  uh, should we say obsession with hair products? I am always on the hunt for healthy products that will infuse my hair with life and body while treating my lioness mane as kind as possible.  A friend of mine passed on a sample of Alterna Bamboo Volume Plumping Strand Expand and I was instantly hooked. Neither myself or my hair can imagine life without it! Lightweight lotion that will infuse your hair with nutrients while making each strand plump and thick…   and it protects your hair color, need I say more?  Purchase at Beauty.com, Ulta.com or Sephora.com

Pump Up The Volume

Lorac Multiplex 3D Lashes 

Multidimensional this marvelous mascara delivers daring drama to your lashes while distributing keratin & silk nourishing each individual lash. The curved brush sweeps your lashes with a professional touch, lifting and curling to perfection.  No smudging issues or clumps to be found, just stare at me lovely long lashes for everyone to see.  For $22.00 it is a must in the make up bag. See if you can get your hands on a sample, you might just learn to love your lashes. Cross these nasty things off the list… no sulfates, synthetic dyes or fragrance, GMO’s, petrochemicals, phthalates or triclosan. Find out more at loraccosmetics.com. Purchase at any beauty site or store at $22 it can be a little steep…..

 Now I am a long time user of Maybelline Great Lash (Curved Brush) which is still in my bag…never steers my peepers wrong & for around $6.00 it is a present to your pocket book.  The effects are not the same as Lorac, but still follows close for volume and drama. 

A Hot Mess….

Tousled sexy beach hair without stepping foot on the sand? (I prefer to actually be on the beach) but the next best thing may just be Charlotte Ronson’s A Perfect Mess Beach Hair.  Nervously decided to go for it & picked up a bottle for $20.00 ~ Sephora ~  impressed & enamored! Creates wonderful waves (sure it depends on your hair texture, mine is normal & straight) no sticky issues, slight volume & a lovely luminous effect. Scent is super sexy, If you crave the smell of surf, sun & sand no matter what the season…like me! Formulated with out parabens, (woo!) does have Marine botanicals & Light Filter Technology. All that messy madness comes in a little bottle! Warning highly addictive….highly recommended.  

Bee-Utiful Lips

Protect your precious pucker & add a subtle daytime hue. With nourishing botanical waxes & Shea butter this amazing lip balm works overtime. Love the way my lips feel…..Not just for daytime, these beautiful balms work wonderfully with an overstated smokey eye for evening. Simply add a little more shine to lips with a sheer gloss on top. I grabbed my balms at Ulta. Shades I covet…hibiscus, honeysuckle and rose. Easy on the pocket…$7.00

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