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Maybe it’s an odd question, but when my client’s daughter asked me,  I though why not share?  My gym bag/purse has a few simple goodies in it as I use my bag more for traveling back and forth to clients homes and the gym when I teach a class. I just emptied it out (thank goodness because there was a way bigger mess in there)

1. A Jump Rope why? because jumping rope burns 10 calories a minute all the while strengthening your butt, legs, arms, and shoulders. I use it to warm up my clients and incorporate jumping rope into their workout routines ( I use it for my own workouts as well) It’s a great tool that does not get used nearly enough. A workout anywhere, anytime, what are you waiting for? Go get one!

2. Aquaphor I can’t survive without it, I have eczema and the most sensitive skin on the planet. Everything burns and feels awful….but Aquaphor, I tried EVERYTHING. Friends gave me super expensive creams or lotions to try, still did nothing. I use this goop under my eyes as an eye cream. Slather it on my face for dry skin. I use it on my cuticles, my lips, my elbow, ankles… the uses for this miracle stuff are endless.  I know some of the top makeup artists swear by it and so do I! $4.99 Target

3.  Ahava Hydrating Hibiscus Body Towelettes So I am a personal trainer… I teach classes, I train in home and in private, going from client to the next client. I do a lot of the moves with my clients to keep them motivated, not a big fan of just barking orders. I get sweaty, I do not have time to shower between clients, I can quick freshen up and then be sure I will not offend my next client or myself for that matter. Buy for $6.99 at Target.

4. Herbal Essences Naked Dry Shampoo  I carry two different dry shampoos in my bag one that is priced so well and works great, (herbal essence) it is a spray and I am not so fond of any kind of spray, but it works well and It’s great again for freshening up hair after a workout or sweating. Smells like white grapefruit and mint, very delightful $2.99 at Walgreens.

5. Alterna Bamboo Beach Coconut Mango This is by far my favorite, but at $20.00 for that little teeny tiny bottle (you can see why I use two) It is a lot of cash. The smell is amazing and I love that it is not spray, but talc free powder. It really refreshes and your hair feels so much better after wards. Find it at Ulta.

6. Trader Joe’s Fruit Bar Usually there is more than one in my bag, I give them out to clients if they feel light-headed or just need a snack. Of course I eat them as they are amazing. Have to love the simplicity of this bar… they contain two kinds of fruit. No additives. No preservatives, nothing weird, or things no one can pronounce. Just Yum! 0.99 cents each!

7. My Notebook It is one of my many playbooks so to speak. Boot camp workouts, clients individual workouts, notes, you name it… it is in there. Each client is different and each client has a workout written for just for them, however things change, clients have bad or good days, muscles hurt, anything can occur and I have to adjust, when that happens a workout just flows out of my head and its on the fly.

8. Pacifica Coconut Pearls Luminizing Lip Quench I am not a fan of makeup on the face when working out. Lips are a different story, they get dry and cracked and I like a little shine. It has amazing avocado and yummy coconut oil. Lips feel awesome after applying,  tons of moisture and a natural light glow. I found this one at Marshalls for $3.99, not sure if they are still making it. (boo)

9. An Extra Tee Shirt This one is by Kensie Girl. I heart this tee, so soft and comfy.  I always have an extra tee-shirt to change into and this one just makes me smile. Amazon for $10.77 (just click on the word Amazon)

10.  Resistance Band These double-handed short bands are excellent for both upper and lower body exercises. Bands in general are great for full range of motion exercise, awesome for traveling and everyday use. I swear by bands, another under utilized workout tool. This one I purchased for under $12.00 at TJMaxx.

11. Stella McCartney Adidas Bag This was a steal and I adore this bag for the color, the metal accents (which you can’t see since they are on the other side of the bag) and the size. I found this awesome bag at YOOX and It was a few months ago. I am not sure if they have more, but it is a great site to shop and find awesome fashion deals. Enjoy!


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Because Texting Can’t Be….

Your Only Form of Cardio

Plank Jacks and Dolphin Hops
Plank Jacks and Dolphin Hops

To see this move in action click on the photo above -Password is: texting 

 Plank jacks are an awesome cardio move alone but add in the dolphin hop and you get double bang for your buck so to speak; this move raises the heart rate while working both your lower and upper body. You get a full body workout and it will have you sweating in no time… drop those phones, (well don’t really drop them) and do something good for yourselves.

Begin in plank position, with your shoulders  over your wrists, your body should be in a straight line, and your feet together.

  • Just like the motion of a jumping jack, jump your legs wide and then back together 3 times, than proceed to do three little hops until you are in a pike position then jump your feet back out with 3 little hops of if you choose one hop back into plank position. Repeat for 30 to 60 seconds.
  • Want to try something else? Go Tabata style 4 to 6 times 20 seconds on and 10 seconds of rest. Make it harder: 8 to 10 times
  • Make it easier: Walk your feet in and out and walk your feet up into pike than proceed to walk feet back out to starting position. The move can be modified for your fitness level.
  • Tip: be sure and keep your abs pulled in tight, do not let your hips drop.

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Skate it out….HIIT


 High Intensity Move: Works: abs, glutes, shoulders, back & legs ~ A great move that can work your muscles hard, get your heart pumping & burn calories fast. Full body work out.  (love this one & so do my clients)

  • Start this move standing with feet a little further than shoulder width apart bend knees slightly, slightly lean forward.
  • Cross your left leg behind your right leg while bending your right knee to 90 degrees. 
  • Extend right arm out to your side proceeding to swing your left arm across your right leg. 
  • Jump about 3 feet to the other side….jump again, this time to the other side and landing on the other foot. (you are just switching the position of your arms and legs)
  • Be sure to keep your abs tight, chin up and chest out.  
  • Continue the jumps side to side aiming for 30 seconds to a minute, or try it tabata style 4 to 8 times 20 seconds on 10 seconds off. 
  • Want to challenge yourself more? Add a toe touch each time you leap to the other side by reaching down and touching your toe or in front of your toe (tap the floor if you are more flexible) 
  • Always see your doctor before starting an exercise program.
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Fight Fat

Lunge Cross 

Fight Fat! A little cardio mixed with some weights make this move a must do…

Move Targets: back, shoulders, triceps & biceps, glutes, thighs/legs

  • Starting in standing position, feet are shoulder width apart. Dumbbells in each hand, (use light weights 3 to 5 pounds) 
  • Lift both arms to the sides bending your elbows to bring the dumbbells to close to your ears, shoulders back…chest out.
  • Lunge backward using your left leg. (if you have knee issues, don’t go to deep in the lunge) Proceed standing up on your right leg and kick left leg forward while extending your arms out to the side. (clean and swift move, be careful this is balance work, don’t pitch forward or backward) If you need to slow the move down.
  • Return to the 1st position, lunge with the dumbbells by your ears. 
  • Aim for 5 to 8 reps on each side, do 3 to 4 sets.
  • Before starting an exercise or diet program be sure to speak to your doctor.