Mad for March Giveaway Winner

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What a great way to start the first day of spring!

Congratulations Michelle Gallagher for this awesome bag stuffed with goodies is yours! The quote “A fabulous fab 3 boost” was the simply fabulous winner. Please know there was a lot of awesome answers on instagram and so thank you all for participating and stay tuned for more awesome giveaways!! Michelle please email with an address.


Mad for March Giveaway

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Giveaway time! Why, well because it’s March and because I really like giving things away.

Would you like to win this awesome Stella McCartney gym tote with fifteen samples, most of them deluxe size (just a few of the goodies shown above)? If you follow my blog you know I am a certified fitness trainer with my own business, training my clients over the web & privately in home.  You also know I love fashion and beauty so I have combined the two to make one lucky follower’s month of March even better.

No crazy follow a bunch of people and post pictures loop thingy on instagram, but you do need to follow my blog and if you are on instagram you need to follow me there (it will add another entry for your chances to win) You need to leave me a message here and on instagram with five words why you should win this goodie bag. The most creative will be picked by me of course. Now there are a lot of rules and regulations I have to follow, I did my research this giveaway is only open to US residences (except Alaska/Hawaii/PR/PO BOX) and you must be over thirteen years of age to enter. This giveaway is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with any of the labels pictured above. I will announce the winner on or around Friday March 20th 2015.

Have fun with this and I can’ t wait to read your entries! PS…the follow button is at the very bottom  of the page, hit the plus sign.


Easy Going

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unnamed (34) So simple, so classic, it’s brilliant! H&M did a great job revisiting the white button-up shirt. Designing this shirt slightly longer with slits on the side for a unique look. Pair this cozy cotton shirt with a clean-cut pair of pants or how I styled it with torn beat up Joe’s boyfriend jeans. Sticking with the bare modern essentials, light pink polish on my fingers, red classic lips (Love this shade – DuWop Private Red) black vintage leather booties, finished the look with tortoise cat-eye shades.

Sometimes wish I had an office job so I could be dressed up all day. I had to end my lunch date, rush in the door and tear off all my fabulousness in a hurry for stretch pants, sports bra and sneakers (oh the life of a personal trainer) so I could train my next few clients. Wait, wait… totally forget I said the above, there is no way I would want an office job.

Soon I plan to put up more workouts, they will be password protected videos. Just be sure to follow the instructions listed. I will have some exciting news (well at least I think its exciting) to share and a giveaway coming up. I am busy with my own personal clients which takes a lot of my time (so thankful for that!) doing my best and enjoying slow blogging (according to stats it’s the best way to blog and keep readers) and try to make this site a little different from every other lifestyle, fashion, fitness, health and decor blog because as Coco Chanel once stated…

“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different”


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Whatcha Got in Your


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Maybe it’s an odd question, but when my client’s daughter asked me,  I though why not share?  My gym bag/purse has a few simple goodies in it as I use my bag more for traveling back and forth to clients homes and the gym when I teach a class. I just emptied it out (thank goodness because there was a way bigger mess in there)

1. A Jump Rope why? because jumping rope burns 10 calories a minute all the while strengthening your butt, legs, arms, and shoulders. I use it to warm up my clients and incorporate jumping rope into their workout routines ( I use it for my own workouts as well) It’s a great tool that does not get used nearly enough. A workout anywhere, anytime, what are you waiting for? Go get one!

2. Aquaphor I can’t survive without it, I have eczema and the most sensitive skin on the planet. Everything burns and feels awful….but Aquaphor, I tried EVERYTHING. Friends gave me super expensive creams or lotions to try, still did nothing. I use this goop under my eyes as an eye cream. Slather it on my face for dry skin. I use it on my cuticles, my lips, my elbow, ankles… the uses for this miracle stuff are endless.  I know some of the top makeup artists swear by it and so do I! $4.99 Target

3.  Ahava Hydrating Hibiscus Body Towelettes So I am a personal trainer… I teach classes, I train in home and in private, going from client to the next client. I do a lot of the moves with my clients to keep them motivated, not a big fan of just barking orders. I get sweaty, I do not have time to shower between clients, I can quick freshen up and then be sure I will not offend my next client or myself for that matter. Buy for $6.99 at Target.

4. Herbal Essences Naked Dry Shampoo  I carry two different dry shampoos in my bag one that is priced so well and works great, (herbal essence) it is a spray and I am not so fond of any kind of spray, but it works well and It’s great again for freshening up hair after a workout or sweating. Smells like white grapefruit and mint, very delightful $2.99 at Walgreens.

5. Alterna Bamboo Beach Coconut Mango This is by far my favorite, but at $20.00 for that little teeny tiny bottle (you can see why I use two) It is a lot of cash. The smell is amazing and I love that it is not spray, but talc free powder. It really refreshes and your hair feels so much better after wards. Find it at Ulta.

6. Trader Joe’s Fruit Bar Usually there is more than one in my bag, I give them out to clients if they feel light-headed or just need a snack. Of course I eat them as they are amazing. Have to love the simplicity of this bar… they contain two kinds of fruit. No additives. No preservatives, nothing weird, or things no one can pronounce. Just Yum! 0.99 cents each!

7. My Notebook It is one of my many playbooks so to speak. Boot camp workouts, clients individual workouts, notes, you name it… it is in there. Each client is different and each client has a workout written for just for them, however things change, clients have bad or good days, muscles hurt, anything can occur and I have to adjust, when that happens a workout just flows out of my head and its on the fly.

8. Pacifica Coconut Pearls Luminizing Lip Quench I am not a fan of makeup on the face when working out. Lips are a different story, they get dry and cracked and I like a little shine. It has amazing avocado and yummy coconut oil. Lips feel awesome after applying,  tons of moisture and a natural light glow. I found this one at Marshalls for $3.99, not sure if they are still making it. (boo)

9. An Extra Tee Shirt This one is by Kensie Girl. I heart this tee, so soft and comfy.  I always have an extra tee-shirt to change into and this one just makes me smile. Amazon for $10.77 (just click on the word Amazon)

10.  Resistance Band These double-handed short bands are excellent for both upper and lower body exercises. Bands in general are great for full range of motion exercise, awesome for traveling and everyday use. I swear by bands, another under utilized workout tool. This one I purchased for under $12.00 at TJMaxx.

11. Stella McCartney Adidas Bag This was a steal and I adore this bag for the color, the metal accents (which you can’t see since they are on the other side of the bag) and the size. I found this awesome bag at YOOX and It was a few months ago. I am not sure if they have more, but it is a great site to shop and find awesome fashion deals. Enjoy!


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Whatcha Got In

Your Bag? 

Seems like a rather personal question.  However I do not mind sharing. You would be surprised at what can turn up in persons bag.  I am afraid my bag is a bit boring this month but none the less let’s see what is in there….  

  • Bag ~ Big Buddah Green Tote ~ adore Big Buddah bags, they are huge… you can put a person in them, I often lose stuff!
  • Light Rose Scarf ~ Forever21 ~ Color of the season
  • Silver Cuff Bracelet ~ A gift from my Mom N Law (my favorite arm candy)
  • Cat Eye Tortoise Sunglasses ~ Urban Outfitters (have a few pairs of Tortoise sunglasses, I just love the design)
  • Pottery Barn Catalog & Gift Cards that are burning a hole in my purse! (trying to decide what to buy!)
  • Cream Finger Less Convertible Gloves ~ It is cold here in CA in the mornings! 
  • Club BevMo Card ~ The ultimate beverage store, this card is important in CA.
  • Stila ~ tis the season to dazzle palette (awesome colors)
  • Versace ~ Bright Crystal Sample ~ Smells Heavenly
  • Ice Breakers Frost Mints ~ Fresh Breath is important (never know who you are gonna meet… or kiss for that matter)
  • Korres Quercetin & Oak Sample ~ great for tired skin
  • Caudalie Pulpe Vitaminee Eye and Lip Cream
  • Butter London ~ Fairy Lights ~ such a fantastic spring color! 
  • Yogi Dandelion Tea ~ great detox tea!
  • Lip Fusion Infatuation in Angelic ~ For luscious lips 
  • Aquaphor ~ best moisturizer ever use for everything!
  • Calcium Chews ~ Need your calcium ladies!
  • My business cards
  • TLC Kashi Bar Mocha Almond ~ cause I am ALWAYS hungry!
  • Some Kind of Gorgeous Benefit Sample ~ still deciding if I like it, get back to me on that one. 
  • CPR Card 
  • Burt’s Bees Red Dahlia Lip Balm 
  • Loose Change 
  • Fekkai Winter Hair Weightless Mist ~ Say goodbye to static hair… adore this spray  works wonderfully & it smells amazing.
  • iPod 
  • Rombauer Winery Pen ~ cause I take pens… hide them from me seriously. 
  • G2 Phone 
  • Coral Vintage Inspired Wallet ~ Love Love, often times I use it as a clutch as it is big enough to hold my phone. Found it in Ross hiding on a shelf, sometimes you just have to dig for the good stuff! 
Phew, that is it for this month… Whatcha got in your bag?