Beach Style Essentials ~

The sun is shinning bright and the beaches are calling… No need to carry much, just the essentials. You can still be stylish while doing so. The whole dress up your bikini with arm/neck candy, earrings and super high heels…um….no and no.  Practicality mixed with simple chic are always the way to go when hitting up your favorite beach or pool spot.  The reasons for disliking these odd swim trends spoken above are as follows:

A.  I would be extremely concerned while in the ocean I would become instant shark bait as the shiny bling attracts fish of all shapes and sizes..

B. Even with sunblock … hello strange tan lines

C. Really?? You are at the beach, let your natural beauty be center stage and save the 6 inch heels and sparkly body candy for nights out with your girlfriends. 

My Essentials…

Beach Day Essentials ~
  1. A great straw or canvas bag: Izod straw bag, $20.00
  2. Beach blanket or cute towel: Ikea blanket 13.00 big ones! 
  3. Book or magazine ~ Sunset Magazine: read about CA beaches   
  4. Great and inexpensive sunglasses: Calvin Klein $20.00 
  5. Favorite Jean Shorts: Hudson $40.00 
  6. Sunblock: I like to carry sample sizes as those big bottles weigh you down. Aveeno – for sensitive skin it rocks. 
  7. Awesome Hat to protect your head, hair and face: Vintage find
  8. A great bikini: Shoshanna $27.00 brand new (it is my new favorite) should have been so so much more even discounted! it pays to shop at the same places and be nice to the sales people. 
  9. Snacks – fresh fruit and water always (just not pictured above)

A Great Bikini 

Nothing to Wear!

Bikini Hoarding ~ I have problems…I know! 

I can’t help it, I find them at such insanely awesome prices & they scream at me to buy them! it’s like they grab my hand and walk me to the register… I have a few more not pictured here… (gulp ~ I think I need help) but as you can see all you need is a great stylish suit for the beach or pool! I tend to stay loyal to triangle style bikinis, classic and easy, no strange tan lines. Suits prices range from $15.00 to $50.00 and most are designer…. I am a really amazing shopper… want to go shopping with me?

 Sunglasses: Cat Eye Shape

Cat Eye
Cat Eye

For those of us with a square face we need to make our jaw line look longer and soften the sharp angles…Cat eye shape is perfect for this and they are my favorite. A few from my collection below…Prices between $5 to $20.00 ~ I would rather spend $450.00 on a plane ticket than a piece of plastic made in factory with someone’s name stamped on it… (but hey that is just me!) 

Have a great summer, enjoy the beach ~ what are your essentials?

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Bootie Shaper

Lunge Kick

Move Works: Butt, Legs and Abs 

This is a must do move for a beautiful beach ready backside! You need some space, a long driveway or a sidewalk,  if you have a really nice long hallway now would be a great time to hang out in it and get comfortable.  This move burns fat and will boost your energy levels and have you cursing me out!  This is a balancing move, your core muscles will be called upon to help stabilize you. The move is meant to be done consistently and at a quick pace, however start slow until you feel well-coordinated.

  1. Start by standing with your feet hip-width apart, arms on your hips or by your sides as if you were going to take off running, elbows bent. 
  2. Lunge forward with your left leg while swinging your right arm forward and left arm to the back, so you are in a lunge position as the first photo shown. I like to keep my arms at my sides or hold them up to make the move more challenging, however the swinging of the arms will help move you forward and stabilize you. 
  3. Now as you begin to rise, kick your right leg straight up and out (as high as you can get your leg ~ as you do this move more, your range of motion will get better ~ second photo) Swing your arms in the opposite direction, lunging forward with your right leg as your foot lands on the floor.  You will be back in the position of the first photo.
  4. Continue this motion kicking forward 10 to 12 steps alternating legs, turn around and lunge back to where you started.
  5. Before starting an exercise routine, be sure to see your doctor first!