T is for Tulips


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and Tasty Treats

It really is the little things in life, for myself fresh flowers always make me happy. A much-needed treat I never deny myself. They instantly make my home feel lighter and brighter…. and tulips for spring is my favorite kind of home bling (oh, look I am a poet!) Today my flower lady threw in a few extra flowers for me which just made me feel so special. For a personal trainer always on the go, this week has been kind of slow… (again with the rhyme) Spring break is happening and clients are on vacation, you would think its a nice break, but I so love being busy & I don’t know what to do with myself.  While I had some free time, I decided to come up with a new healthy snack for myself and my clients. I am sharing it all with you & hope you like it (pictured above).

What You Need:

Raisin Toast, (a healthy brand or whatever kind of bread you prefer)

Plain Greek Yogurt

Honey (to drizzle under or on top of the yogurt)


Assemble like above and enjoy! Trust me it’s super yum!


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Friday’s Essentials….


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It’s Friday, although my week was not that long as I just got back from Mexico.  I  feel like I can not catch up and I am so glad to be home. My decor was in need of some bright flower love. A quick trip to the flower market and a fast stop to grab Popular Science magazine… (yes I do read other things besides fashion, fitness and decor magazines) Although the world is stuck on a woman who shall remain nameless, let’s pretend its like saying the bad guys name from Harry Potter…. exciting stuff is happening and I will not be alive I am sure when we do make it to Mars but hey a girl can dream! Way more exciting than an airbrushed ass – don’t you think?  I have a bad feeling my flowers are not going to be long for this world (see above photo)

Jeans Stella AG Jeans ~ (my go to jeans) 2ply Cashmere Sweater Max Studio ~ Shoes Steve Madden ~ Cat Eye Sunglasses Gucci ~ The Wallet is Kate Spade ~ My turquoise ring, no did not forget! My other cat knocked it off a second before I snapped the photo! Anyone want cat??? 😉

Have a wonderful weekend! XOXO

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Monday Madness

Fresh from farmers market – pink pretties!
The cutest and softest enemy of the pink pretties
The death of the pink pretties

Imagine my surprise when I awoke this morning to find my roses decapitated almost every single last one but a few… atlas it did make for a lovely photo (flower petals all over my vintage Louis Vuitton) however the rest of the flower slaughter was not nearly as pretty!


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