Fall is Still Smiling

at Us….unnamed (22)

unnamed (21) unnamed (23) Oh hey Monday…you come ever so faithful every week (woo hoo!! in my sarcastic voice) Flashback to the weekend when we were out & about in sunny California feverishly searching for signs of fall. Did not have to go far mind you as fall is still smiling brightly at us all over in Northern Cali. We had this bet…who could find the biggest leaf, can you guess who won? Now if only it were large enough for me to hide under until Monday was gone.

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend….XOXO

Friday’s Essentials….


unnamed (7)

unnamed (9)

unnamed (8)

It’s Friday, although my week was not that long as I just got back from Mexico.  I  feel like I can not catch up and I am so glad to be home. My decor was in need of some bright flower love. A quick trip to the flower market and a fast stop to grab Popular Science magazine… (yes I do read other things besides fashion, fitness and decor magazines) Although the world is stuck on a woman who shall remain nameless, let’s pretend its like saying the bad guys name from Harry Potter…. exciting stuff is happening and I will not be alive I am sure when we do make it to Mars but hey a girl can dream! Way more exciting than an airbrushed ass – don’t you think?  I have a bad feeling my flowers are not going to be long for this world (see above photo)

Jeans Stella AG Jeans ~ (my go to jeans) 2ply Cashmere Sweater Max Studio ~ Shoes Steve Madden ~ Cat Eye Sunglasses Gucci ~ The Wallet is Kate Spade ~ My turquoise ring, no did not forget! My other cat knocked it off a second before I snapped the photo! Anyone want cat??? 😉

Have a wonderful weekend! XOXO

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My Favorite Color is Sunset


unnamed (19)unnamed (21)

unnamed (20)

 I believe that the sunset is life’s way of saying great job you made it another day in this world, now here is something wonderfully beautiful to stare at, see you tomorrow same time (or so I hope!) Finding peace ~ being humbled and feeling so small around something so incredibly massive and amazing is a good thing. Thank you ocean and thank you sun for being the best duo in nature. XOXO

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I’m So Fancy….

“It’s the shoes…the shoes??…it’s gotta be the shoes”FullSizeRender (15)

FullSizeRender (13)

perfect365 (3)

FullSizeRender (18)-001

It’s Friday a little after 3 o’clock and I am waiting for the weekend to begin.. feeling so fancy in my Converse Wonder Woman kicks… These shoes make me feel like a little kid again and there is nothing wrong with that! Oh and the bling necklace helps a little….Happy Friday XOXO

Manic~ure Monday?

Photo (18)

Monday…does it always have to be so manic? Take the time to sip your coffee and enjoy your breakfast, read the newspaper, flip through some magazines & slow down before your week speeds up! Me and my brand new mani so perfectly polished in a boisterous spring shade of blue are enjoying Madewell’s new catalog ~ love the inspiring words.  Have a fabulous Monday morning!