All is Calm

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All is bright

Dashing through the snow? it’s more like trudging through the sand. The water might be cold and the air a little brisk, but a California Christmas comes with its own glitter, sparkle and glow. Our Christmas eve tradition is a visit to the beach, a bottle of wine and a blanket…this year the rain changed our happily scheduled date with the ocean (bah humbug)

The day after Christmas this year would have to do, no bottle, or blanket as we set out for a small hike before making our way to our beloved beach. Grabbing my sweater I noticed a lone Christmas ornament in my car…(an escapee from decorating a clients home).  A single sparkling ball that would rather explore the California beaches with us than be stuck in a glass cylinder! (don’t blame it one bit) So I thought “why not?” & that ball made for some wonderful pictures, memories and laughter…not too mention now we have a new tradition for next year.


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With Warm Greetings

Cozy Mornings

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 Tasty Treats

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Wishing You All A Marvelously Merry Holiday

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The morning started off rolling out of bed, stumbling for coffee after a little too much wine, cheese & pâté last night (sighs) leaving my three loves behind cozy comfy without a care in the world as they slumber. I sip my coffee and happily get into my workout gear so I can train my 7:00 AM Face Time client.

Needless to say after training I am wide awake, just can’t lay back down now. Deep thinking about the past three years of our lives and how it has changed so drastically (in an amazing way) Missing our family and close friends as we are so many miles away, but realizing how incredibly blessed we are (pausing to thank the big guy upstairs). If we did not leave the East Coast to try something new, we would have never grown. Life is meant to be lived and fully…the world is so vast & to be a bean in a tiny pod is no way to live.

Packing up everything & driving across country to reside in beautiful California (still feels like a dream) was the most amazing thing we have ever done together. I feel as if our bean in the little pod is now a huge bean stalk growing taller and fuller each day. I can not wait to see what lies ahead, the best and biggest gift is life. No matter where you are or who you are with.. make the most of it. Just remember to live… this Christmas I have everything I want under my tree….(actually in bed still sleeping, all three!)

Merry Merry to you and yours… XOXO

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A Little Glitz & Grunge

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unnamed (6)Hello Friday! hello holiday parties & hello what to wear?

This year we were invited to seven different holiday parties (no, I am not bragging, or complaining….well maybe complaining a little) we ended up RSVP-ing  “we can not make it” to most. Life gets in the way of course, other parties, birthdays, work obligations or sometimes the thought of driving, searching for parking in the rain just makes you go…Um,  that’s a negative no matter how much of a party mood you are in.

Find yourself wondering what am I going to wear? its cold.. I want to look smashing but not too overdressed…. Me, well.. I head right for a little glitz & a little grunge. I love mixing neutral tones together – a charming fuzzy sweater, dazzling adornments & glam booties paired with well distressed torn jeans creates the perfect cozy cool look.

Nothing I am wearing is too expensive for that is silly to me, fashion should not cost you and arm and a leg, perhaps a few fingers (AG jeans were the most expensive item & those were a steal on sale) I am one hell of a frugal fashionista in case you were wondering. Want to know where it is all from? Drop me a note, I would be happy to share.  Oh and we have an ugly sweater party coming up – we thought we might miss it, but we are available & I can’t wait…I can share those pics of course!


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Where The Joy

Is @… unnamedunnamed (10)unnamed (12)Flash back to Friday and my love’s holiday cocktail party… we all know playing dress up is a blast when you are a girl. At first when I heard the party plans & where it was being held (San Francisco Art & Design Center) I was so excited! but then Friday came and I was not really in the mood to be honest. I had not see my better half in almost two weeks and I would of been so happy to cuddle on the couch, eat popcorn and sip wine.

Once I slipped (squeezed I should say) into my Halston Heritage dress (celebrated his return with a little too much food and champagne) I felt a little more like being seen, mingling & dancing.  To really feel the holiday joy, we put on Christmas music and as I turned on the lights (which those lights have 20 different blinking settings) I just wanted them to stay on and not blink as blinking drives me nuts, makes for a bit of a headache and crazy eyes……He snapped a few photos, so in good fun here I am untangling and searching for the stupid switch.


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