Pink Please

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“Screw the 14th, I love him everyday”

 I do love this month for all the vibrant colors, especially the pinks and that ravishing red, Oh, and all that phony love that gets thrown around.  I tend to think that Valentines Day is for children and our best girlfriends, of course its fun to do sweet things for each other. Otherwise I call this day a Hallmark holiday. For some this day may have real meaning and good for you…that is super sweet, but I expect to be loved all year-long (and I am..thank goodness)

 A wrap up of my crazy week, tulips and coffee in my newly re-lined Louis Vuitton vintage bucket bag (bad idea I know). Raspberry macaroons, a lovely gift from a client and as you can see waiting to eat them was not in the cards for me.  The sun shines bright today and the weather is will be close to 75 degrees.  I am loving the light pouring in our tiny home this morning, as I lounge around in my favorite lace Aerie bralette… to all of you, have a super sweet weekend.


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I Stand With You, Not Against You

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Oh hello there, it’s been a little while, the holidays had me focused on relaxing and enjoying my time with loved ones…so after a little time off, here I am! (crowd goes wild) My first post of 2015 is an important message for every lovely lady out there.  Recently I was in ear shot of some unbelievably horrible behavior involving human beings… (hold onto your seat) this is a hard one to guess… it was a bunch of women. (can you believe it? insert shocked face here)…my own kind, my sisters? my partners in crime? my role models? Now, I am not going to get deep into the story but I can tell you it involves women being cruel, catty, having no confidence (which makes me sad) and just being super mean. It has nothing to do with me mind you, just something I witnessed, but I am so sick of this dreadful behavior and need to discuss it.

 Now I have been exposed to this behavior before many times by women around me, (even my own so-called friends) I have been treated badly or been an outcast because of someone else insecurity issues…(I am sure many of you all have experienced this) but never a victim mind you, for I am and always have been confident (not cocky or arrogant) just simply confident. I did not get that confidence from the teachings of my Mother, Sister, Aunt or any role model actually. I found it in myself (go me! woo hoo) I have a handful of nieces and friends with daughters… I wonder will they learn that confidence is key, kindness is a must and loving yourself is the most important love ever.  So as the new year begins I have a little something that I would like to share, I hope it gives you all something to hold onto, practice and preach.

 Learn how to give and except compliments from and to other women. 

Try it, nothing bad is going to happen.. you won’t melt, your tongue won’t fall off and your teeth will stay intact, open up your mouth smile and say something nice. Maybe you only like getting compliments, OK than…well think about how it makes you feel, why would you not want to share that feeling? When a woman compliments another woman, that shows confidence & strength. Weakness and insecurity, well that is putting another woman down.. it takes way more energy to be angry/mean than kind and thoughtful. let’s be role models: get it into your heads, there will always be someone prettier, richer, funnier, happier, stronger (I can keep going here) that does not mean that we are less or that they are better.

My favorite line is “oh she does not need it”, or “she already knows” (let’s say she is super model gorgeous) oh OK really… how do you know?… what if she gets a hundred compliments a day but the only one that matters is yours?! Women don’t dress up for men, women dress up for other women…they are looking for your approval. I give out compliments all day long and I mean them, I don’t just throw them around (nothing ever backhanded) I call it as I see it, if you are fabulous or have done something awesome, I am going to tell you and that is it.  I have made people cry by just saying something nice…. I won’t and can’t stop ever. It’s the best feeling in the world making someone else’s day.

And please learn how to take a compliment, just say “Thank you” We women have this odd urge to do this…… oh my hair is off, or I have bags under my eyes, or I am so bloated… just say “thank you” It is OK to be appreciated, admired and doted on.  Enjoy it, take it in and soak it up!

Can we stop treating each other like rivals? 

 I noticed an abundance of no love and support toward other women even on social media. Some women can take all the support and compliments a person can muster, but never ever return it. If you like someone’s work, art, photos, or blog. If you think they are lovely…tell them, follow them, support them. In order to live a positive life, you need to spread positive vibes and give back. I so wish everyone would give it a try, the worst thing that could happen is you make someone’s day and you might find your self smiling from ear to ear.

I am not your competition, you are not mine!

Start saying that phrase  over and over until it sinks in.  The truth remains, most women/girls treat each other like bitter rivals. Now not every woman is like this, I certainly am not and I know plenty of wonderful woman & you my reader maybe one of them. So for 2015, how about we stop criticizing each other’s personalities? No more comparing ourselves to other woman. Let’s put and end to being jealous or un-happy when another woman accomplishes something wonderful. Stop shaming each other and enough with being fake already!..oh and stop being a green-eyed monster (um, if you have green eyes, then just stop being a monster!)  Let’s start supporting, complimenting and celebrating each other. We are a team ladies, and well… there is no I in team.


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All is Calm

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All is bright

Dashing through the snow? it’s more like trudging through the sand. The water might be cold and the air a little brisk, but a California Christmas comes with its own glitter, sparkle and glow. Our Christmas eve tradition is a visit to the beach, a bottle of wine and a blanket…this year the rain changed our happily scheduled date with the ocean (bah humbug)

The day after Christmas this year would have to do, no bottle, or blanket as we set out for a small hike before making our way to our beloved beach. Grabbing my sweater I noticed a lone Christmas ornament in my car…(an escapee from decorating a clients home).  A single sparkling ball that would rather explore the California beaches with us than be stuck in a glass cylinder! (don’t blame it one bit) So I thought “why not?” & that ball made for some wonderful pictures, memories and laughter…not too mention now we have a new tradition for next year.


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With Warm Greetings

Cozy Mornings

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 Tasty Treats

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Wishing You All A Marvelously Merry Holiday

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The morning started off rolling out of bed, stumbling for coffee after a little too much wine, cheese & pâté last night (sighs) leaving my three loves behind cozy comfy without a care in the world as they slumber. I sip my coffee and happily get into my workout gear so I can train my 7:00 AM Face Time client.

Needless to say after training I am wide awake, just can’t lay back down now. Deep thinking about the past three years of our lives and how it has changed so drastically (in an amazing way) Missing our family and close friends as we are so many miles away, but realizing how incredibly blessed we are (pausing to thank the big guy upstairs). If we did not leave the East Coast to try something new, we would have never grown. Life is meant to be lived and fully…the world is so vast & to be a bean in a tiny pod is no way to live.

Packing up everything & driving across country to reside in beautiful California (still feels like a dream) was the most amazing thing we have ever done together. I feel as if our bean in the little pod is now a huge bean stalk growing taller and fuller each day. I can not wait to see what lies ahead, the best and biggest gift is life. No matter where you are or who you are with.. make the most of it. Just remember to live… this Christmas I have everything I want under my tree….(actually in bed still sleeping, all three!)

Merry Merry to you and yours… XOXO

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A Sandy Soiree….

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Sunrise ~ The Day of the I-Do’s
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Catching the Sunset

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Sunset ~ the after I-Do’s ~ Bride & Groom

Destination Weddings…. I was never really sure how I felt about them until now. The sea and the sand always beckon me (hard to tell from my photos..wink wink) so I did not have an issue saying yes to the invite there was a tropical paradise (Cancun Mexico) involved & two darling people getting married.

What I did learn is you may get a vacation you would not have picked for yourself. There might be a handful or two handfuls of things you may not like. Mention it and you get the answer “well it’s not about you” No, no it’s not…but guests and bridal parties are a huge part of your “special day” The stress of the amount of time you spend getting there, taking the time off from work or being away from your kids, not having time with your significant other since you are on a vacation but one of you is in the wedding… Do you buy gifts for the shower and give a wedding gift after you just spent so much to get there??

 The great parts ~ the bride & groom have the wedding they wanted and not one that family members pushed them into. Seeing them so happy, full of love and relaxed. Spending more quality time with friends & family since there is not as many people. The beautiful location.  Something different and unique you will always remember. Would I say yes to another invite… I might think twice next time.  XOXO

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