Mad for March Giveaway Winner

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What a great way to start the first day of spring!

Congratulations Michelle Gallagher for this awesome bag stuffed with goodies is yours! The quote “A fabulous fab 3 boost” was the simply fabulous winner. Please know there was a lot of awesome answers on instagram and so thank you all for participating and stay tuned for more awesome giveaways!! Michelle please email with an address.


Manic~ure Monday?

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Monday…does it always have to be so manic? Take the time to sip your coffee and enjoy your breakfast, read the newspaper, flip through some magazines & slow down before your week speeds up! Me and my brand new mani so perfectly polished in a boisterous spring shade of blue are enjoying Madewell’s new catalog ~ love the inspiring words.  Have a fabulous Monday morning!

A Hot Mess….

Tousled sexy beach hair without stepping foot on the sand? (I prefer to actually be on the beach) but the next best thing may just be Charlotte Ronson’s A Perfect Mess Beach Hair.  Nervously decided to go for it & picked up a bottle for $20.00 ~ Sephora ~  impressed & enamored! Creates wonderful waves (sure it depends on your hair texture, mine is normal & straight) no sticky issues, slight volume & a lovely luminous effect. Scent is super sexy, If you crave the smell of surf, sun & sand no matter what the season…like me! Formulated with out parabens, (woo!) does have Marine botanicals & Light Filter Technology. All that messy madness comes in a little bottle! Warning highly addictive….highly recommended.