Plank & Opposite Knee/Elbow Touch

Plank ~ Bringing Knee To Opposite Elbow

Plank With Opposite Knee/Elbow Touch

Targets: Abdominals, Deltoids, Hip Flexors, Obliques, Pectorals, Triceps. 

Let’s face it… ab crunches are boring and tedious and when you lay down on the floor you just kind of want to stay there…  Most regular ab crunches work our muscle fibers in only one direction anyway (yawn) Not to mention studies show that for some individuals regular crunches may have an adverse affect and actually cause our tummy muscles to protrude ( um, no thank you!) I enjoy core work that requires as little  crunching as possible or if I am doing crunches my legs are straight out in front of me. I like to get as much bang for the buck so to speak when working out, so I will gladly do a move that challenges my other muscles. Come on.. try something a little harder and take a challenge. The Plank is a full body work out by itself, add more elements to it and ta DA!  Even if its only 4 reps, give it a try…  master the move at your own pace. Just remember you are doing something good for yourself (even if it does not feel so good at the time) 

  • To get started find your way into plank position, hands directly beneath your shoulders. Make sure you are in a straight line and your rear end is not up in the air.
  • Now lift your left foot a few inches of the ground (5 to 6 inches) then bend your left knee and bring it toward the inside of your right elbow or as far as your range of motion allows maybe it is your opposite wrist. (your range of motion will get better with practice) The goal is to bring the knee to touch the inside of the elbow. 
  • There will be a slight twisting as you bring your knee to your opposite arm. Try and keep your rear end down and maintain proper form. 
  • Repeat this motion now on the other side bringing your right knee toward your left elbow. Try this move for 30 seconds to 1 minute alternating each side.
  • This is a continuous movement, however do not speed through the move.  Remember to breath. (most important)
  • Before starting any exercise program see your doctor first! 


Move and Groove

I like to run outside 3 to 5 times a week. Some days the runs can be longer then others (7 to 13 miles). For the most part I like to keep my runs in the 2 to 4 miles mark and here is why…..

The most efficient way to give yourself a really good workout is to remember it is not about how long you workout, but your intensity level. All you need is 25 to 30 mins of heart pumping cardio. There is no need to run or do any cardio for hours at a time. Did you know that your body can actually adjust to the same speed of your workouts? (this means any workout…then it is to easy….then we stop seeing results) I incorporate different speeds when running and I will jump, leap & skip in the middle of a run, if there is not something to leap over I pretend there is. With any plyometric move make sure you land softly on your toes. Some days I stop and do 10 jumping jacks & 10 push ups and proceed to take off running. (give it a try) Just keep mixing it up and confusing your muscles, they will work harder for you if you do.  

The songs on my iPod need to be fast, fun and make me want to run like the wind. Below are some of my favorite songs I like to rock out to while running, I hope they inspire you to lace up your shoes and hit the ground running. I have attached the links for your sampling pleasure. 

H’s Playlist

The Noisettes: Don’t Give Up

MIA: Xxxo

A Silent Film: You Will Leave a Mark 

Yeah Yeah Yeah’s: Heads Will Roll~Tommie Sunshine Remix

Anberlin: Impossible

Prodigy: Smack MY B#*&$ Up

Shiny Toy Guns: Burning For You 

Randy Boyer~Kristina Sky~Cari Golden: No Limit (Darude Mix) 

Vampire Weekend: Giving Up The Gun

MGMT: KIDS~Soulwax Remix

Beastie Boys: So What’ Cha Want

Bjork: Army of Me

Pharcyde: Passing Me By

Bloc Party: Flux

Chemical Brothers: Galvanize

Editors: End Has a Start

Madonna: Sorry~Paul Oakenfold Remix

Foster The People: Pumped Up Kicks

Vampire Weekend: Kids Don’t Stand a Chance~ Chromeo Remix

Sneaker Pimps: Spin Spin Sugar~Armand’s Garage Mix