Standout Style



There is something so beautifully satisfying when you can smile big and say “thank you, and no, no…This is vintage and from….” The pieces above are my absolute favorites found in my vintage stash.  Some pieces passed down from family, others fantastic finds from some serious treasure hunting.  There is no shame in graciously digging through the vintage piles of tangled goodies at thrift stores, street fairs and garage sales (and yes, I do that!) Statement jewelry is not going anywhere anytime soon.  Plastered on the pages of every fashion magazine layered or alone, sparkling necklaces, bracelets, pins and rings those knock of vintage pieces are out there in abundance.  I say go for the real thing, find that one of a kind vintage bauble that makes you stand out from the rest.  You can always mix and match your vintage with the newer finds.  Above: my favorite vintage necklace layered with a faux piece.  Have a fabulous Friday!

For The Love Of

all things vintage and bohemian inspired ~ Messy hair tied in a knot, beautiful bold braids and soft waves that create a timeless & whimsical, dare I say ethereal look that just begs you to chase after the whispering wind.  Neutral shades of nature inspired by the beach always make their way into my overflowing closet and never find their way out (meaning they never ever go into the give away bin) Pops of color can come from jewelry ~ silver or gold accents with brightly colored stones, bold boots or wedges (pair with the girlest of dresses) to soft and colorful scarves…  All these stylish and fresh pieces create a boho beachy, breezy & laid back look that softly shouts to everyone I really am just that simple.  Enjoy! 

Crown of Braids
From My Closet
Boho Luxe
Free People ~ Mellow Yellow
Messy Boho Braid 
Messy Tresses ~ Tied in a Knot
Messy Tresses ~ Tied in a Knot
Bold in Colorful Boots
Free People ~ Just Peachy 
Beauty and the Beach
A Shout Out ~ To The Hippie in All of Us   
Hand and Arm Candy
All in The Hippie Details

~ Stay Inspired ~


Champagne Taste

Color Inspiration ~ Champagne,  it is a vintage reminder of all things warm and serene, sublime and elegant.  Never losing it’s place in fashion or home decor and for that we should always be so very thankful.  This classic color never apologizes for being overly glamorous or too…  dare I say boring as it can be so understated and simple.  It just is.  Enjoy a few of my favorite inspirations in home decor and fashion …  for shopping just click on the photo.  XOXO 

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