A Sandy Soiree….

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Sunrise ~ The Day of the I-Do’s
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Catching the Sunset

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Sunset ~ the after I-Do’s ~ Bride & Groom

Destination Weddings…. I was never really sure how I felt about them until now. The sea and the sand always beckon me (hard to tell from my photos..wink wink) so I did not have an issue saying yes to the invite there was a tropical paradise (Cancun Mexico) involved & two darling people getting married.

What I did learn is you may get a vacation you would not have picked for yourself. There might be a handful or two handfuls of things you may not like. Mention it and you get the answer “well it’s not about you” No, no it’s not…but guests and bridal parties are a huge part of your “special day” The stress of the amount of time you spend getting there, taking the time off from work or being away from your kids, not having time with your significant other since you are on a vacation but one of you is in the wedding… Do you buy gifts for the shower and give a wedding gift after you just spent so much to get there??

 The great parts ~ the bride & groom have the wedding they wanted and not one that family members pushed them into. Seeing them so happy, full of love and relaxed. Spending more quality time with friends & family since there is not as many people. The beautiful location.  Something different and unique you will always remember. Would I say yes to another invite… I might think twice next time.  XOXO

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